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Your One-Stop Couples’ Portrait Guide – Ditch the Cheesy Poses

September 25, 2019

Have you ever seen a couple’s portrait and just go like – this was forced. You are not alone, girl. The fake in most of these photos are just too obvious to ignore. No wonder most couples readily opt for the documentary photography style. No one wants to post those same awkward pictures anymore. The web is filled with all of that already. Why not try something different. Something natural, that actually reflects your love for each other, not the command of the person behind the lens?

Difficult? Not at all!

Taking candid pictures is actually easier than these fake, cheesy couples’ portraits. Yes, it is. This is why I take the time to get to know my clients before snapping away. I like to get to know you. Know how you met. This will help me create a beautiful documentary that perfectly tells your story.

In the end, your photos are just as good as the person behind the lens. Take the time to pick the best fit.

That said, I have put together a few foolproof tips that are sure to help you get the best couple portraits yet.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

  1. Remember it is all about you!

Our first tip for getting non-cheesy engagement portraits is to always remember the shoot is all about you. Yes! Couples tend to forget proposal shoots are for them, and instead focus on the camera or photographer. Don’t worry about who is watching. You want natural-looking portraits? Then, act natural. How would you act if nobody was there with you? Feel like kissing him or her? Kiss away! Want to sit on his lap? Go, girl! Just do you and let your photographer do his work. You will be amazed at how genuine these photos appear at the end of the day. It’s all about you!

I love taking pictures of clients while they do what they love. They actually appear finer and more natural that way. So, I tell the couple to choose a destination they both love and watch them do what they love. You can bring your pet along and play with your furry buddy. Anything to help you loosen up!

It is not uncommon to see photographers dishing out commands and even trying to pose you. While it is great for your photographer to help you get great poses, I like to give my clients the opportunity to explore. I could tell you this and this poses would look great. But you won’t find me ‘literally posing for you.’ No! It’s your pose, not mine. Own it! If I go all out to force you into some ‘great’ poses, they could come out looking weird because that isn’t you. it’s not what you want. So, do you. Whether you picked the pose from a book or you are just experimenting with it, try and own it. It looks more natural that way. Try it!

I get it. You want to make a connection. You want others to see what you see in those eyes. Oh well, there are different uncheesy ways to make your love shine through. Instead of having your heads and eyes locked, use the Nose-X model to ace your photos while making an eye connection. Here is how it works.

Imagine there is an imaginary line crossing from the tip of your nose and eyes to his. The trick is to ensure both lines make an X sign, instead of a parallel line.

To make this X sign, you or your partner will have to turn the chin and look slightly down. So, your eyes are never locked on the same plane. This gives it a more candid feel.

When you run out of ideas, try the ‘walk and talk’ pose. It works. Everytime! So, you have tried all the poses you can pull from your back pocket, but you still need more? The walk and talk pose is a great way to get genuine pose without so much work. I personally like this pose because it allows you to put all your body in motion while also helping you loosen up. Say something funny as you take the walk. Laugh as hard as you want. Look into his eyes – when and if you want. Just live your best life like no one is watching.

Girl, you have worked out a plan. As a matter of fact, you have been paying attention to details all week. Your clothes, hair, makeup, location, and every other thing. It’s cool. We all want a perfect engagement session. But you are here now. In the very moment. Why obsess about these details again? The moment is slowing passing by. Stop forcing everything to be perfect. Relax. Ease yourself in. And above all, have fun. You can’t have a better photo session than one you actually enjoyed. So, enjoy it!

I saved this tip for the last but it is just as important – if not more. Bonding with your photographer is very crucial to having natural photos. As a photographer, I choose the people I work with. Forget about being a pro and having several years of experience stack under your belt. If your clients ain’t feeling your vibe, those photos will most likely appear fake.

Take the time to choose your wedding photographer. I know it feels like there is not enough time, but girl, you cannot redo this experience. So, take your time. Keep searching until you find one who fits your vibe. Trust me, you will be more relaxed and confident when you bond with your photographer.


Getting genuine photos from your engagement session is not as difficult as you think. Sure, it feels awkward. Heck, standing in front of a camera makes just about anyone uneasy, especially when you just want it to be perfect. It’s like you ain’t doing enough. You have to force it. Maybe smile more. Or bend your hips a little more.

In the end, you just ruin the natural photos you could have got by simply being yourself.

I hope these 7 surefire tips to get non-cheesy engagement photos work. Let’s hear your story!