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What Should I Wear to My Engagement Shoot? Check Out These 7 Simple Hacks

September 25, 2019

One of the most recurring questions I get from my clients is ‘what should I wear to my engagement shoot?’ 

Until you hit this loop, you would think it is pretty easy to pick up just about anything and zoom – you are set for the shoot. That’s far from the reality. 

We all want some little magic in our story, especially a story as magical as our love story. While pulling up with our  dreamed Cinderella outfit may not be the smart move anymore, there are some simple tips that can get you a little magic on your shoot. And no, no one said you must wear the same clothes. We have had our fair share of fake cheesy couples’ portraits already. 

Let’s get you into something unique and super fun. Don’t force it!

  1. Be You

It may sound basic, but this tip happens to be the most crucial tips of them all. Why? Well, the reason is simple. With everyone fighting to make their engagement shoot special, we tend to forget that the secret ingredient is the couple. Yes, you and your partner hold the key to unlocking a world full of magic and uniqueness. And that key is simply being you. The minute you step out of ‘you,’ you take away the uniqueness and start living someone’s dream.

So, before you zoom off to the biggest mall you can find to start shopping for the best things to wear to your engagement shoot, remember you are shopping for you. What kind of clothes are you comfortable in? Is that black pointed-toe Stiletto heels what you really want? Or are you picking it because your friend had it on during her engagement shoot? 

Okay, this had to be said. Because in a bid to beat the standards your friends already set, we may forget that their story and ours are not the same. So, your friend tied the knot in the heart of Summer or maybe winter, of course, these are two different seasons that will definitely affect the kind of clothes we opt for. But here you are in early October. Fall is here. Are you still going with her summer choice? You may think it’s just for a few minutes, it doesn’t really matter. However, every little thing that leads up to the location matters. If you truly want to stand out from the crowd and take great engagement shots that would allow your love story shine through, then, girl, you have to be confident and comfortable in whatever you are wearing. So, pay attention to the weather and what you like, not what you pulled out from an album or a social media platform. 

We’ve all gone shopping. And if you are anything like me, the right choice doesn’t feel so right the first glance. So, you have two options. Go casual or formal. There is no hard-and-fast rule here. While the fun casual look seems like the rave – and always comes out great,  you can totally pull off the formal look for your engagement shoot. So, when in doubt, I tell my clients to take both. Try both looks and whichever comes out best is the ONE!

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big sucker for love and fancy wears. I just like doing it within my means and the way I want, not because society says so. So, while the number one rule says ‘Be Yourself,’ it – in no way – stops you from going all out to make your photos breathtaking. Heck, no! You only do this once – at least that is the dream. As such, you’ve got to do it right. So, stretch the line. Get some fancy – or trendy –  apparel. Accessories are a big plus too. Get that shoe you’ve always dreamed of. Basically, all I am saying is – step away from the everyday gown or shorts and bring the fancy on!

Girl, you know those traditional engagement photos with the couples wearing all white or maybe the customary black and white route? I think I speak everyone’s mind when I say we have had enough of these fake photos. C’mon girl, it’s your engagement shoot. This short-lived period should be filled with memorable events and colors, not some archaic attire and poses that my grandma would pull off with no help at all. No thanks!

While you are out there shopping, remember that bold colors never hurt anyone. Instead of shying away from bold colors, find a way to mix it perfectly that everyone who sees your photos would want to have another look. That said, throwing white or black in the mix is not so bad anyway. However, be ready to style the ‘angels’ out of these basic colors. 

Are you still on track with having a one-of-its-kind proposal photoshoot? Great! Here is a simple rule – don’t match! Why?

For starters, everyone is doing it. So, in my opinion, it has lost its steam. Also, matching each other’s color, pattern, prints and what-have-you is totally cheesy. I am positive you don’t want fake cheesy engagement portraits, yes? Then, remember to complement, not match.

Take your time while shopping. When you pick a particular dress you feel will be great for you or your partner, try looking for a color or print that complements it, not one that looks exactly like it. 

While getting new clothes, it is essential you know your body type and your best spot. If your selling point is your legs, then let them shine through. Choose a dress that shows them off perfectly. If your hips it is, then get a dress that highlights your curve. Basically, the first step is to know your body type and then find a dress that sells it perfectly. And you are good to go!

Go, girl!