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Wedding Dress Shopping Made Easy – Best Places to Find Your Wedding Dress in Indianapolis

September 25, 2019

Congrats! You have come a long way already. I am guessing it’s been a fun-stressful experience so far, yes? Well, it is all part of the mix. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Now, it’s time to get the perfect wedding dress. Although trying on a truckload of wedding dresses sounds fun, but you will agree that’s a lot of time down the drain. 

Some brides really do have it easy. The first dress they try on happens to be THE ONE! Oh, well, we all aren’t that lucky. To save you the time and trouble of shuttling through town for a wedding dress, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 places to get the wedding dress for you in Indianapolis.

Enjoy the ride, girl!

  1. Marie Gabriel Couture

Sitting on our number one spot is the infamous Marie Gabriel Couture. This bridal shop promises to bring you the best and widest wedding dresses around the globe. It currently houses over 550 unique wedding dress style from around the world. From the traditional wedding dresses to ethereal bohemian gowns, Marie Gabriel Couture got you covered!

  1. Gretchen Bridal Gallery

Looking for the dress of your dreams? Gretchen Bridal Gallery swears it can help you find it! The bridal gallery boasts a large collection of lit wedding dresses that are sure to fit perfectly into the one of your dreams. The shop also promises private dressing rooms with a well-lit theater where your friends get to see you in the dress.

  1. Brides by Young

Brides by Young prides itself as one of the largest curvy bridal boutiques on the planet. With over 400 wedding dresses spread across more than 10 collections, we are positive you will find the one for you here. Be sure to give her a try. The shop is located just northeast of downtown. 

  1. Sophia’s Bridal, Tux, & Prom

I know! I know! You are in love already. How could you possibly fall in love again, right? Hold that thought. Sophia’s bridal swears it will make you fall in love again – but this time with your perfect wedding dress. The experience here promises to be next to none. You have other things to figure out. Let Sophia’s take the wedding dress shopping off your hand. Oh, don’t ask me. Book an appointment and see for yourself!

  1. David’s Bridal

Do you want to discover what it feels like shopping in a divine bridal gallery? You should totally give David’s Bridal a try. While the shop is well known across the United States and neighboring countries, David’s Bridal promises to keep the prices at the lowest possible rate. I was shocked when I learned I could get wedding dresses under $100 here. 

  1. The Wedding Studio

This bridal gallery house a wide collection of wedding dresses, perfect for just about anyone. It also allows for customization so you can get that unique dress of your dreams. Visit any of the locations today to have a taste.

  1. The Perfect Stitch

A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. But the stitches down here have been saving lives since its inception. Whether you are looking to design your unique gown or you just want to get a perfect fit from the ready-to-wear wedding dresses, The Perfect Stitch has got the perfect stitch for you. Go check it out!

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

All in, let’s make the process even easier by exposing some pro tips to choose THE ONE for you without any hassle.

First things first, your location matters a lot. To get the best wedding dress for you, you will have to take the location and weather into consideration. You do not need a ball gown with long trains of you are having your ceremony on the beach. That just ruins everything.

The weather is just as important. You will be in your gown for as long as the party lasts, therefore, you need something you are totally comfortable in. Be sure to get one with a material, perfect for the weather.

Okay, I get it. It’s the most memorable day of your life yet and you want to get the best dress on the market. I get it, girl. That’s why I advise you set the budget before you start shopping for your wedding dress. While that budget can be stretched a little to cover the difference, it gives you an idea of the range to go for. Trust me, you do not have to go broke to look flattering. No, you don’t!

That’s a saying, right? Well, it should because it is true. Sometimes though. Hahaha! One common mistake brides make is waiting until a few months or weeks to the big DAY before they go dress hunting. This might work for you if you are okay with any ‘perfect fit’ you get on the market. For those who need something out of the world, you will have to start pretty early to save yourself extra cost and make enough time for the manufacturer to perfect the dress. Six to nine months is just perfect. Start early!

To make the experience fun and less stressful, I will advise you go with a few trusted friends who have an eye for fashion. However, do not bring opinionated people along. As much as you want someone who can tell you the truth, you should also remember this is your wedding and it’s your gown. YOU are the one wearing it. Therefore, you should go with what you like. Your wedding dress might not be THE ONE for your friends. Always remember that.