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Top 9 Indiana Wedding Venues – Say I DO in Style!

September 26, 2019

Let’s face it. Shopping for a wedding venue is one of the fun yet difficult part of planning your big day. I get it. It is fun. But going from one venue to another is as stressful as it can be. If you are anything like me then decision-making isn’t your strongest suit. At a point, I felt like I like all the venues. They all have something unique. Can a girl get some help around here, please?!

Does that sound like you? Then, you are in the right page! This article covers the top stylish wedding venues in Indianapolis. Let’s help you say I DO in style. Take a pick!

  1. Black Iris Estate

Do you dream of having a big wedding? Get in here! The Black Iris Estate is second to none when it comes to a big stylish wedding venue in Indianapolis. Seated in the heart of Carmel, Black Iris Estate promises to add a touch of class and luxury to your big day. The venue consists of more than just a  big hall and a mansion-big garden. It also houses a wooden area, perfect for an intimate ceremony. This is where the magic happens!

If the goal is to say I DO while taking in the peace and beauty that comes with a lake view, I am positive Marriott North is the place for you. With menus created from the scratch and 5-star amenities, you are sure to have the best time of your life here. Also, you don’t have to worry about accommodation for those coming before the D day. The on-site accommodations at Marriott North will do, saving you and your guests the time and trouble of coming from a different destination. I think that’s cool, right?

Thinking about saying I Do in the historic Lerner Theater? Great! Crystal Ballroom at Lerner is one of the plushest wedding venues you can find in the area. Personally, I like this venue because it can serve several purposes. Whether you are looking forward to a big wedding with up to 450 guests or a small intimate dinner with a few family and friends, Crystal Ballroom promises to deliver any day. A great place to host your entire wedding day, I must confess.

Bel Air event center is yet another great place to tie the knot in Indiana. Serving central Indiana, Bel Air prides itself as one of the most sophisticated wedding venues around. Besides great staff and a fully functional modern kitchen, it promises great taste in amenities and décor. Definitely a good place to give a modern touch to your wedding. You should totally check it out!

Seated right in the Gold Club of Indiana, the Cardinal Room promises to leave you and your guests with a long-lasting memory of excellence. The private atmosphere down here is peerless. Did I mention it can hold up to 300 guests? Yes, it can. To ensure they cater to all your needs, this event center only hosts one event per day. So, if you hope to lock this down, you better get going. 

Oh, you also don’t have to worry about the rain or scorching sun as it comes with covered outdoor space. Take it weather! 

Located a few minutes south of downtown is the gracious Valle Vista country club. I am pretty sure sports lovers will love this. Hahaha! Beautiful and affordable, as the center boasts, this wedding venue ensures you get the best bang for your buck. The open-air veranda is something to kill for. Come enjoy a romantic ceremony with the view of a golf course. Breathtaking? I know, right?! Check out the website for more info.

Boasting the largest wedding venue in the whole of Indiana, Avalon Manor is undoubtedly one of the top places to tie the knot in Indianapolis. The banquet center is beautifully contoured with breathtaking gardens, an amazing fountain, stunning pond and picturesque grounds. The center swears its staff are the best you can get in the area. They are committed to making your day a success. I am sure you need those extra hands, yes? Well, you got it!

Lauded as Indiana’s most flexible even venue, I am positive you will have a memorable experience down here. Do you want a venue that poses no restrictions on your artistic exploration? Then throw your wedding bash right in the heart of Carmel. Don’t worry about the weather, the outdoor space is totally covered. BASH promises romantic white floors, beautifully complemented by wood floors and garage door to add a different touch to your big DAY. No accommodations though. If that’s a deal breaker then you should check out another location.

Not satisfied with any of the options above? Check out the Community Life Center! Here, you get a beautiful setting and three breathtaking venues. It’s an all-in-one package. Your ceremony and reception at a single venue. And you are given the liberty to choose between an outdoor or indoor event. Whatever rocks your boat, this center got it! Be sure to check it out in your wedding venue hunt.


And that sums up our elite list of the top 9 wedding venues in Indianapolis. You should totally check them out. Looking forward to hearing your experience soon!