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The Secret to Looking Hollywood-Stunning in Your Wedding Photos

September 25, 2019

Congratulations! Your big day is just by the corner. Worried about your wedding photos already? Well, it is not unusual. Most brides do.

The only thing worse than having no wedding pictures to remind you of your big day is having poorly-taken pictures you would rather not see. Ever!

No one wants that. Absolutely not! Not when your wedding photo album is the next thing that lives as long as the marriage. The only thing that reminds you of the highlights of your big day even when memories start to fade.

Therefore, brides are overly concerned about having a picture-perfect wedding.

Thankfully, getting that Hollywood-red-carpet-stunning-pose is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Whether you are the most camera-shy or least photogenic person on the planet, we’ve got a tip or two for you. Check these out!

Before The D Day Get Ready To Shine

First things first, adequate preparation. The key to excelling at anything, a picture-perfect wedding inclusive, is preparing adequately for it. Your big day isn’t left out. I get it. You have a lot to take care of and it seems the time is not just enough. Nonetheless, you will save yourself the odd feeling on your wedding day if you take some time to prepare for the pictures. 

First, try getting a manicure. You have pretty fingers. No doubt. But this is different. We want your fingers to glow as much as your ring. Let a pro work on those pretty little fingers and see how much finer they can get.

Second, your teeth need attention too. It’s your wedding day. You will, most definitely, be all smiles that day. Needless to say that a pretty smile automatically increases the appeal of a photograph. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your teeth before the wedding. Get a teeth whitening treatment. Be sure to remove plaques if any. It won’t cost you much.

I usually advise my clients to have a makeup trial session to help them select the best look for the D day. You have all the time to try out as many looks as you wish. And stick with the most flattering of them all. Remember there is no redo in wedding photos. Give it your best!

Besides a makeup trail section, it is critical you schedule a rehearsal section with your wedding photographer. Even the prettiest of us get uneasy in front of a lens – unless you are a model. With a rehearsal section, you get to learn your best spot and best pose. These practiced postures come in handy on the D day when you are all caught up but need to smile for the camera.

On The D Day Always Have Something In Your Hands

You know that awkward feeling of ‘what do I do with my hands’? Yes, that very one. It comes up on your wedding day too. A good way out of the groundhog loop is to occupy your hands. Your bouquet should be your go-to option. In any event, always find something to occupy your hands with. It doesn’t only remove the weird feeling of not knowing what to do with your hands, but it also helps improve the appeal of the photo.

Candid pictures are the rave today. Most couples would rather opt for a photojournalist than have the traditional forced picture pose. However, you can totally get natural candid photos without hiring a documentary wedding photographer. All you’ve got to do is to master natural postures that make it seem like you were caught unawares. Yeah, that’s the trick girl! A great example here is to ignore the camera. Yeah, try looking slightly away from the camera. This doesn’t only make it look natural, but it also help you sell your best side.

Here is another not-so-common tip for a picture-perfect wedding. Brides love a good makeover. Who doesn’t? Notwithstanding, you should be careful of the amount of makeup applied – especially your eyeshadow. Experts have confirmed time and time again that using too much eyeshadow causes your eyes to be way smaller than it actually is. And the goal is to make it appear slightly larger than it already is. So, watch it with the makeup.

Okay, I had to add this. Like, who doesn’t look good in this classic red-carpet pose?! If you ever run out of picture postures, try leaning on your back foot with your hips rotated 45 degrees away from the camera and the second foot elongated, pointing straight towards the camera. And oh, add a pretty smile too. You got it, girl!

For even more candid look, try taking a walk while your photographer snaps away. You could go on a walk with your hubby or bridesmaid. Going alone walks too. This will help keep your entire body in motion, taking away the awkward feeling of a static post. You should totally try this out!

This has got to be the biggest wedding photo tip yet. You could use all the pose in the books and still look awkward if you are not relaxed. So, in all you do, try and be yourself. Stay real. Stay relaxed. Do not force it. Truth is, the most photogenic photos are gotten from simple, relaxed postures. Don’t fake it!


Your big day is arguably the best day of your life. Therefore, it deserves nothing short of the best. However, we can’t deny the fact that looking flawless in front of a camera lens is more of a course we all need to study. Not to worry though, you are sure to get your dream picture-perfect wedding with these cool tips. You should totally check them out!