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Tested Wedding Budget Tips: How to Get the Wedding of Your Dreams on Budget

September 27, 2019

Are you looking for ways to cut back on the expenses without diminishing ‘the dream?’ You are not alone, girl!

Weddings seem to cost a fortune. Man, what will we live on if we spend $35,000 – at least, that’s national average – on wedding cost? I hear you, sis. I hear you. 

Explained below are a few tips to help you get your dreamed wedding without breaking the bank. Of course, you are not going to get a golden castle like Cinderella or a wedding as expensive as that of Kimye, however, you can totally pull off a frugal wedding – not cheap – without breaking the bank.

How? Check this out!

  1. Who is Contributing?

I know how difficult money talks can be when planning a wedding. Notwithstanding, I urge you to figure out who is doing what before creating your wedding budget. Yes, you have to know who is contributing and what they intend to bring. Money? Maybe taking on some part of the project? Great! What item is that? The venue? Cake? Your dress? 

Knowing what is what will help you create a practical budget that you wouldn’t struggle to stick with.

One major reason most couples find it difficult to stick to their customized wedding budget is that they create unrealistic budgets. Nobody ever said you can’t trim off thousands of dollars from your wedding cost, however, you have to be practical in creating your budget. Do not overdo it! It may seem like just a few dollars here and there, but I promise these few dollars will quickly add up to something substantial at the end of the day. Be realistic!

Upon creating a customized budget, it is time to begin researching the items on the list. While you may not get the exact amount you budgeted for, make sure the difference isn’t really much that it affects your bottom line. This is why I advise couples to be realistic with their budget and leave a little room to stretch it further. 

Start researching on local vendors, venues, bridal dress, cakes, and other things you have on your list. No, it is not too early.

Do you know your guest list is one easy way to reduce and/or increase your wedding cost? Now, you do! It is cool to invite every single person you know. If the plan is to cut back on cost, then it is not cool. At all! Get the biggest scissors you can find and start trimming – figuratively though. Trust me, a bloated guest list is not the way to go. You incur more cost with each guest you add to that list. Think about it.

You know where you can get enough ‘yards’ to cut? The big things. Instead of focusing on little things that will only shell out a few bucks, consider trimming off some hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars from your wedding dress, photographer, bouquet & floral, venue, etc. These are where the money’s at. Focus on the big things!

This wedding budget cheat sheet will be incomplete without stating one of the best ways to cut back on cost. You read right! Here is an in-house trick experts don’t want you to know.

By picking an off-season date, you would save yourself a truckload of money from virtually every item on the list, including your wedding venue, dream dress, cakes, bouquet and flora, photographer, and other essential items in between. Most couples opt for the wedding season. In fact, everyone wants to get married in the wedding season. This makes wedding cost highly competitive this season. Most of the top wedding venues are booked. Photographers too. The price of cakes and every other thing is on the high side. Once this season is gone, everything tends to come back to normal – or even below normal. Now, you can get that top-shot photographer for almost half the price your friend paid for.

Your wedding is arguably the biggest event you are going to plan. Needless to state it may qualify as the best day of your life. So, I get the feeling of wanting to make it perfect. But if you truly want to get married and live happily ever after – without debts, I strongly recommend you keep it simple.

That in no way suggests you should have a poor celebration. Not at all. Keeping it simple means cutting back on the list, creating your invitation yourself, buying a gown just as beautiful as Kim’s but less expensive, getting a small car, using outdoor venue, cutting out the irrelevant traditions, using the same venue, etc. You can totally pull off your dream wedding while keeping it simple. It all boils down to making compromises. 

Wait! Hear me out! Yes, it seems counter-productive at first glance. But research shows that wedding planners can help you have the best frugal wedding there is in the books. So, if you find yourself struggling to stick with your budget or creating a frugal budget, then it is time to ask for help. And who is better than a pro to seek help from?! In the end, it is totally worth it.


With the national average for weddings hovering around $35,000, finding ways to trim off some dollars from each item is a no-brainer. This is why I took the time to curate this wedding budget guide to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Give it a try! We look forward to hearing about your experience.

Don’t bring debts along with you in your happily ever after. Slay within your means.