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Cost of Wedding Photography – How Much Do Wedding Photographers Cost?

September 25, 2019

I get too many questions about the cost of wedding photography. In fact, it is one of the most searched on google – and for good reasons.

In this article, we will take a thorough look at wedding photography. At the end of this article, I am positive you will be able to answer some frequently asked questions such as 

How much should I invest on my wedding photographer?

How much do wedding photographers cost?

Do I really need to spend 10% of my wedding budget on wedding photography?

Is investing in my wedding photos actually worth it?

Then, I will leave you with a few expert tips to cut back on your wedding photo cost.

All pumped? Let’s get the engines running then!

Is investing in my wedding photos actually worth it

Short answer – YES!

Imagine your big day is here. You are dressed up like an angel gracing the face of the earth for the first time. Your partner is as cute as can be. Your hall. Oh, how perfectly it is decorated. It feels surreal. Everyone is smiling and cheering. There are lots of emotions in the air. Your mum fighting back the tears about to ruin her makeup. Your dad giving you that there-goes-my-little-bird look. Beautiful doesn’t begin to explain the moment.

Does this sound like something you ever want to forget? Of course not! And that is where wedding photography comes in. With a pro wedding photographer documenting the highlight of your day, you do not only get extremely flattering photos to show to everyone who couldn’t be there, but you also get yourself a lifetime reminder of every single thing that happened that day.

Is it worth it? You answer that!

How much should I invest on my wedding photographer?

Now, we are clear wedding photos is one of the top items on your wedding checklist. 

But do you really have to invest all your money on your wedding photographer? No! 

There are a ton of factors that influences the amount wedding photographers charge. Depending on the factors, you could spend less than the average $2,000 recommended or maybe a little more. 

In all, you should remember first, it totally worth it. Second, you get what you pay for. So, quality should always come before price bargain.

Be sure to read till the end to grab some pro tips to keep your wedding photo cost at the lowest possible level.

Before that, let’s take a look at some of the factors that affect the cost of wedding photography.

Factors –

  1. Location

Your location and that of your wedding photographer is the first and most important factor that affects the cost. Those living in big cities like New York will definitely spend more on wedding photos compared to those in smaller cities. So, before you argue that your friend in Indiana got great quality for about $2,000 remember your wedding venue is in New York where the cost of living is virtually twice of ours. You should be ready to spend up to $4,000 to get the same quality wedding photos as your friend. The location is everything!

I decided to make this section independent of the Experience section because, believe it or not, it has a role or two to play in the wedding photo pricing. A renowned photographer known for his expert skills both in handling the camera and controlling other parts of the day will most likely cost you more, irrespective of his experience in the wedding photography industry. I am sure that isn’t limited to the photography industry. Experts anywhere tend to charge more than others. Remember you get what you for.

This is yet another important factor that could stretch or reduce your wedding photo budget. There are a ton of styles in the book. Do you want the traditional wedding photo style? Or would you rather opt for the more natural documentary photo style? What about taking it up a notch and going for something out of the norm, creating artistic photos? The ball is in your court. Keep in mind that the cost is tied to the style you choose. What is it gonna be, girl?

As explained in point #2, the experience and expertise of a wedding photographer have a great pull on the cost of hiring that wedding photographer. While it may look less important, I will advise you pay attention to this point. As with every other thing in life, you get better or maybe perfect on continuous try. 

With an experienced wedding photographer, you are sure you ain’t getting a trial-and-error work. Be sure to look at his past works before hiring.

Lastly, it is important to know that the package you opt for determines the amount you spend on your wedding photos. Each package comes with different items. Common sense shows that the higher the number of items in a package, the higher the cost. Some wedding photo package comes tied with the engagement session. Of course, such package would cost more than others.

Pro Tips to Keep Your Wedding Photo Cost Low